Why Optimise? 

Dr Sinclair has a special interest in mental health. This service I championed by Dr Sinclair in response to specific need for a different approach to working age men. Dr Sinclair was concerned when men came to the doctors to late with what could have been preventable diseases and felt the integration of health/ work and home life would produce the best results. 
Dr Sinclair is passionate about raising awareness about men’s health issues and actively raises funds for charities such as Movember who promote mental health awareness and campaign to improve treatment of prostate and testicular cancer. 
We believe men need time and space to feel comfortable and build trust to be able to talk through there needs. We offer longer appointments, discreet/ confidential surroundings and convenient methods of access such as email and online booking. Once you have been seen you can use video consultation to continue your conversation with your doctor. We encourage early access to medical screening and will always offer mental health, nutrition and exercise advise alongside traditional medical treatment in order to help men perform at their best at home and in work. 

Case Study / Testimony 

Faisal found us online as he was concerned about some urinary symptoms. His father has died of prostate cancer and his older brother was diabetic. He ran his own business and noticed his weight had become a problem. After an initial consultation, Faisal realised he needed to reduce his risk of cancer and heart disease. 
He was also offered prostate and diabetes screening and some nutrition and lifestyle advice as his weight and body composition were less than idea when measured. Reassuringly his blood results came back the next day showing no prostate cancer. He was, however, borderline for Type 2 diabetes. Working together with Dr Sinclair in the coming weeks he was able to reduce his weight and body fat and began to build a healthier lifestyle. Repeat blood tests showed he had reversed his diabetes risk to a lower level and he reported improved energy, better sleep and better concentration. 
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