Why Optimise? 

See a Specialist Menopause Doctor Online via video or face to face in Birmingham city centre, in walking distance of major transport links and parking for ease of access. Our online specialist Menopause consultations offer you an expert at your fingertips or you can visit our boutique premises which offer a relaxing and confidential setting to review all your health concerns. Your personal experience of the menopause is unique to you and our experienced team have developed their skills to be able to identify and treat the key aspects you need to address. 
Dr Catherine Coward has practised as a GP for over 25 years honing an interest in women’s health and menopause. Dr Catherine will journey with you through your experience of the menopause, explaining your treatment options, including lifestyle and HRT, empowering you to live life to the full and overcome this challenging time of your life.  

Menopause Consultation 

The first step is an initial consultation. Time is allowed for you to get to know your Doctor and discuss the effects menopause is having on you. During your consultation Dr Catherine will review your history and the key symptoms that impact you. You will then create an action plan together to manage your symptoms going forwards alongside options for tests, lifestyle change, medication and referrals to other specialists such as Psychologist or Nutritionist. A follow up appointment will be booked to review any test results and treatments will be evaluated once they have had time to take effect. We advise reviews with Dr Catherine to ensure your goals are being met safely and sustainably. 

Case Study / Testimony 

Olivia, 55, busy city worker was aware of the first signs of menopause. Alongside having hot flushes she had been experiencing extreme sweating at night and noticed a change in her mood. Olivia contacted the Optimise clinic and had an initial consultation online with our specialist menopause Doctor. After extensive discussion and review the doctor decided to place Olivia on a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) course. After only a few weeks Olivia reported a reduction in menopausal symptoms as well as increased energy levels and a happier outlook. She recieved nutritional advice and She also booked in a review with the clinic to ensure she remained on the right course and to make any changes if needed. 
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