Why Optimise for Mental Health? 

Optimise your mind by dealing with mental health issues using our integrated approach. Our practitioners work closely in a multi-disciplinary team to promote integrated healing and wellness.  
Our rooms are welcoming and safe spaces to work through your concerns and journey towards better mental health. 
Who delivers this service? 
Our GPs offer initial mental health consultations and may advice referral to our specialists. 
Clinical Psychologist Dr Bickerton is a qualified neuropsychologist, EMDR therapist and occupational therapist, who believes in the importance of integrating physical, psychological and spiritual health for sustained well-being. Her clinical interests include trauma, physical health conditions, including medically unexplained symptoms, as well as neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation. She is an award-winning professional with fifteen years of research experience in behavioural brain science, translating research evidence to patient care. 
Her passion is to see professionals and organisations work together across boundaries to maximise health benefits for the community they serve. Her work and collaborations span across the NHS, universities, social enterprises and independent practice. 

Psychology Consultation 

Initial consultation lasts approximately 1 hour in which you have the time and pace to discuss ho you are feeling and plan a way forwards with the psychologist who will tailor therapies and activities to your particular needs. 

GP Consultation 

Initial consultation 20 Minutes - All of our doctors are experienced in dealing with mental health and mental health issues and often can identify impact on physical health problems from a mental health source

Case Study / Testimony 

Axel 34, young working man realised he was struggling with a fear of leaving the house. This began to affect his ability to work his friendships and his physical health as he couldn’t get to the gym due to anxiety. He would often arrive ate to appointments or not at all. After discussion with his friends and family he realised he had a problem with anxiety and depression so contacted the Optimise health Clinic. Initially he had an integrated health review with r Sinclair who specialises in men’s mental health. 
A plan was put together which included time off work and some self help exercises. On review it was clear that he needed additional support and he started on some medication for anxiety and depression and Dr Sinclair discussed his case with the in house psychologist who agreed he would benefit from some longer session to understand the root cause of his current problems. Dr Bickerton put together a tailored plan of therapy and worked with Axel over the next 12 weeks with input from Dr Sinclair at key intervals. 4 months later Axel was back at work, attending the gym regularly and reported greatly improved mood and reduced anxiety. He gained the confidence to take on new qualification and start a business venture of his own. 
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