Why Optimise? 

Optimise doctors have comprehensive training in nutrition, offering advice on what to eat and the best supplements to take to ensure we remain in tip top shape as part of a healthy lifestyle.  
Our range of vitamins and supplements provide an excellent foundation to build on whether you are vitamin deficient from poor absorption, chronic disease or aiming for support on a particular physical goal like weight loss or a race. 
Who delivers the service? 
Our doctors are highly experienced in nutrition and wellbeing offering years of practical experience and proven results with real people. We also work alongside our world class nutritionists to tailor the approach to you. Whether you are a regular city worker or preparing for a triathlon we have you covered. 

How it works 

We will provide you with a secure video link that will be active at the time of your appointment. Just click the link and away you go.  
We can also set up delivery of supplements and prescriptions by next postal delivery. 

Case Study / Testimony 

Ayo has been feeling lethargic and run down for a few weeks. He was struggling to sleep and finding he was having a slump in the afternoon, losing concentration and feeling tired. Ayo contacted Optimise to schedule a check-up. Our doctors discussed his lifestyle and diet with him and found that he was eating poorly and not exercising any more due to a busy work schedule. Ayo decided to do a blood test and a food diary for a few days. The bloods came back suggesting a low Vitamin D count and low Iron. Instead of prescribing medicines Ayo was recommended a course of vitamins to boost his Vitamin D and other mineral deficiencies. He was also advised on foods to help balance his diet and bring his levels back to the normal range. Within a few weeks Ayo was feeling much more energised, he had stopped slumping the day and was sleeping much better. Ayo continued to take the vitamins to maintain the mineral levels and even started exercising again. 
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