Why Optimise? 

At Optimise we have a team of skilled doctors and Chartered Clinical Psychologists registered with the Health and Care Professional Council providing top level service. We offer bespoke assessment and therapy to adults, young people and families needing support for their day to day function and well-being due to psychological issues. 
Our psychologists work flexibly and integrally to meet your needs and preferences. We can offer a range of therapeutic approaches including: 
Bio-psycho-socio-spiritual understanding 

Psychology Consultation 

We work collaboratively with you to identify your goal and tailor the most appropriate support. After an initial assessment that lasts one to two sessions (depending on the complexity of issues) we jointly decide which approach, frequency and duration would be most beneficial to what you would like to achieve. Throughout your therapy, your therapist will review with you regularly to determine the progress you have made and your next steps. 
We can work in a variety of ways including: 
Short, time-limited or longer term one to one therapeutic sessions (typically 50 minutes long) 
Working with you and your partner or carers together 
Supporting carers 
Consultation to organisation 
Supervision of mental health practitioners 
Examples of areas we can support you with are: 
To manage work related issues, relationship issues, stress and anxiety that impact on everyday life 
To deal with the emotional and relational impacts of physical health problems 
To deal with memories of traumatic events and reduce distress triggered by the memories 
To increase awareness of emotional experiences, identify helpful and unhelpful coping and maximise well-being 
To journey towards a life that you want, not hindered by challenging thoughts and emotions. 
To gain a bigger picture, understanding and freedom in your day to day experiences 
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