Why Optimise? 

Optimise Health clinicians love travel and have visited multiple countries and continents around the world. Our service doesn’t just give you vaccination and immunisation advice but we can help you to avoid common pitfalls whilst travelling, stay well running up to your trip and provide consultations abroad should you become unwell, giving you a full and complete solution for your travel needs. 
Who delivers the service? 
What can I expect? 
A 20 min consultation with our doctors will allow them to get to know you and your needs in detail. After assessing your current health, the doctor will offer specific travel advice for the area(s) you are visiting as well as the option of a travel medical to ensure you are in the best health for you trip. A breakdown of the Immunisations/ vaccinations you need will be provided and can be administered on site. We can offer longer prescriptions where clinically indicated if you are travelling abroad for extended periods. 

Case Study / Testimony 

Byron worked in the entertainment industry and signed a contract to work on an 8-month worldwide cruise. We were able to advise on vaccinations for the various locations he would be visiting and scheduled these in before he left. He was also taking some ongoing medication which he would be required to bring with him as he was unsure of the availability internationally. He was given a long prescription and follow up appointments were conducted via video consultation to ensure his needs were met throughout his placement. 
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